3 Major Mistakes Singles Make


Being single in Las Vegas can at times be strenuous; and with a high transient population and an even higher tourist population, it's a bit more difficult to meet people whose goals and interests align with your own. But what if it's not the city that's defeating your ability to meet someone, but rather mistakes you're making? The following are the top three mistakes that singles make on the dating scene. Don't be caught tangled in the following situations. Be aware of your actions, thoughts, and attitude while dating, and you'll only find rewarding opportunities.

1. Being Selfish Will Backfire

While a good sense of empowerment is one thing, being selfish is entirely another. Relationships and dating are about give and take -- not take, take, take. Think reciprocity, and your potential mate will appreciate the balance of your caring for yourself as well as he or she.

2. No One Likes Judgmental Daters

Having high standards is not the same as being picky. There is a line, albeit a fine one, when finding characteristics and qualities in a mate. But don't get caught up in the shallowness of a 200+ checklist of must-haves; recognize that diversity makes the world go round. Enjoy the adventures of meeting new, interesting people and appreciate what each individual has to offer, while still holding onto the core values that you're looking for.

3. They Don't Have to be an Identical Life Mate

This is a common mistake many people make. If you find someone who has common interests, understand that you don't need to have the same interests at the same time always. Appreciate that they have their hobbies and you have yours. While it's nice to be with someone, you don't want to date an identical version of yourself and spend every waking minute doing exactly the same thing all the time. Be open to trying their hobbies; but if you don't have everything in common, it's not the end of the world.

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