3 Pitfalls of Online Dating


As more and more people plug into the technological revolution online, it becomes a natural part of our daily lives to use the Internet to find where our next meal will come from while scouring reviews, pay bills, and even connect with friends and family from around the world.

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Increasingly, too, people are becoming so busy that they turn to the Internet to find relationships. Online dating sites are popping up left and right and more individuals are drawn to them than ever before -- as in millions of people. However, there are definitely pitfalls to online dating that are not immediately evident.

1. Daters are Pickier

With the ability to browse hundreds, if not thousands, of profiles, the Internet has created a dating candy store for the millions of singles looking for love. But with the ability to peruse so many profiles, daters often become pickier in their selections because there is an overwhelming number of choices. While being picky is good to an extent, many singles are missing out by passing over perfectly eligible dates.

2. Inflated Perceptions

The dating profile is an interesting thing to dissect. Many individuals don't actually know what they want in a relationship and when they build their profile, they have a varied and even inflated perception of themselves as well as what they want. This can be damaging, as people expect to meet the person in the profile; but because of skewed perceptions of one's self, many singles are often let down in person.

3. Lack of Human Interaction

Although many daters connect and quickly take their relationship to texting or online instant messaging, the lack of human interaction and actual face-to-face connection can have a damaging effect on one's relationship. According to research, most communication comes from non-verbal body language. The ability to read someone in person is where the real spark comes from. And while researchers don't discount online dating entirely, they encourage safe, public meetings as soon as possible among daters to get that interaction that is lost online.

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