5 Good Dating Tips According to the Silver Screen


We've all seen it. At the end of the romantic comedy, the witty guy gets the pretty girl through a variety of sneaky but clever dating tactics, usually without the help of a matchmaker. The film industry has its own special set of dating rules, which we have compiled into a list.

1. Make Dinner Reservations

Making dinner reservations is a good way to show your date that you're prepared and responsible. Don't do what Steve Carell does in the movie Date Night with Tina Fey. Rather than calling ahead, this couple steals someone else's table to get a seat at a hot restaurant. Needless to say, stealing a dinner table isn't the only crazy thing the couple does in this movie…

2. Makeovers Are Good

Even though men aren't as into looks as women are, it's never a bad idea to change it up for a date. You'll feel more confident about yourself and the date will go smoothly. In the movie Crazy Stupid Love, Ryan Gosling gives Steve Carell's character a man-makeover that ends up changing his romantic life completely.

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3. Learn To Dance

Learning to dance is never a bad move. If you're taking your date to a hot night club or out on the town, it's probably a good idea if you know a thing or two about how to groove. Like Will Smith says in Hitch, even keeping it simple will show a lady that you're up for the physical contact and intimacy that dancing can provide.

4. Avoid Drinking Too Much Booze

If you're looking to go out and get hammered, a first date is not the right place for you. There's nothing wrong with having a cocktail or a glass of wine with dinner, but don't go overboard. Like we learned in Knocked Up, drinking too much on a first date can lead to choices you might regret later on…

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5. Don't Be Arrogant

There's a major difference between being a confident person and being a jerk. If you talk all night about yourself and how amazing you are, you're probably not going to get a second date. Rather than make things awkward, avoid being arrogant and ask questions about the other person. In School For Scoundrels, we see that Billy Bob Thorton is punished for being a jerk on his Use these tips and put your best self out there on your next date!

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