5 Signs You're Dating The One


We all either struggle in vain or know someone who struggles in vain trying to find that one special person out there to complete them. The dating scene can be rough at times, filled with misrepresentations, misguided fools, and many unpredictable scenarios and conversations.

Dating is, however, supposed to be fun; and once you waft passed the hoopla and start dating someone who is enjoyable and fun to be around, that's when you need to start asking yourself, "Do I feel like this person is the one?" Here are five signs that might help remind you of what you're looking for in that special someone.

1. You get immediate contact and don't have to wait hours upon hours to receive a reply to a brief text message.

2. They'll happily introduce you to family and friends, and include you in plans/group outings.

Finding the One

3. They respect, support, and encourage your friends and family.

4. They're always willing to try something new that's important to you, even if they suspect they might not like it.

5. They never leave you questioning how they feel about you.

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