5 Tips for a Better First Date


Are you usually the type that makes the first move on someone special? Or are you more inclined to sit back and let that special someone come to you? Either way, once the cards are on the table, and you have a date set, you’ll spend a fair share of time mulling over the possibilities. You may be feeling anxious about how the date will go, or wondering what you should do to secure a second date. 

There are some ways to come off as fun, considerate, charming and attractive, even if you’re feeling nervous. Here are some tips for making a great impression on the first date.

Photo by Matthias Mueller

1. Plan for a short date

For the first date, plan for it to be something that won’t last too long. Since you don’t know what’s going to happen, you don’t want to be stuck at an all-day event. Save the all-day winery tour or carnival for future dates. The date should only last an hour or two.

2. Plan for the worst

While it may sound harsh, have a backup plan ready. You never know when plans may change suddenly. You’ll want to have a backup plan to get you out of any awkward situations, as well.

You could even let your date know in advance that you have to be at a family function at 8pm, so if your date starts at 6pm, your date knows you’ll have to leave to make it to your 8pm plans. This gives you an “out” in case the date isn’t going well.

 3. Manners

Make sure you arrive on time. You don’t want your date to think you’ve stood them up because you are running late. During the date, make sure to ask your date questions and give them an equal opportunity to talk. You don’t want to seem uninterested or self-centered. Finally, be sure to show up well-groomed. Brush your teeth, do your hair and put on deodorant.

 4. Clothing

 This may seem unusual, but talk to your date in advance about what type of dress code to plan. If you are going somewhere nice for dinner, you don’t want your date to think it’s a casual restaurant and show up in jeans. If you’re planning for a couple hours in the park, you don’t want your date to be wearing uncomfortable shoes or feel overdressed. Be sure to wear something modest regardless.

5. Impress your date

It will impress your date if they feel that you are paying them compliments. Be sure not to sound insincere or as if you are simply trying to flatter them.

Another way to impress your date is to watch how much you drink. If your date sees you drinking excessively, they may feel that you now require a babysitter, you are going to need a ride home or they weren’t interesting enough for you to remain sober.

These are just a few tips you can use to help make a good impression on the first date. Keep in mind, you don’t know this person very well, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself or on them. If you are single in las vegas and looking to get introduced to others in the area, contact InterActions LV 

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