7 Tried and True Dating Tips from Actual Therapists


Tackling the dating scene is difficult, especially in a highly transient area like Las Vegas. You’ve probably heard plenty of dating tips from family and friends, but chances are, they are speaking purely from personal experience and not from a professional standpoint. It’s hard to know what to trust, and what to discard. Here are some tried-and-true relationship tips from actual relationship therapists. 

1) Discard “Types”

To convince yourself that you only have one “type” of person is silly. Perhaps you’re going after the wrong “type” and that’s where the issue lies. Widening your definition of a compatible partner and open your possibility of falling in love with someone who doesn’t necessarily meet every bullet on your checklist. You might be pleasantly surprised!

2) Discard Judgments

On the same note of not going for a specific type, don’t be overly judgmental of people right off the bat. This creates a negative predisposition before the other person even opens his/her mouth. If you begin a conversation closed off, chances are you will remain that way and you may miss out on a great match. Instead, approach with curiosity and compassion.

3) Respect the Natural Progression

As you probably do too, people feel under pressure when they’re forced to move at an uncomfortable pace – especially when a relationship is at stake. Avoid coming on too strong, too soon. Instead, let the romance and intimacy progress naturally. Reveal your thoughts, emotions, and personal stories gradually instead of all at once. Ease into it – what’s the rush?!


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4) Don’t Let Societal Expectations Get the Best of You

The demise of many relationships is one partner or the other feeling overly pressured by expectations of family or friends. In many cultures, it’s seen as unfit to date outside of nationality, religion, and even social status. While it’s important that your family and friends make your partner feel comfortable, remember that you are in the relationship. Try to find a balance between what makes them happy and what makes you happy. If push comes to shove, ditch the laundry list of expectations written by everyone but you! 

5) Conversation is a Two-Way Street

Being outgoing and talkative is a wonderful trait that should not be overlooked or taken for granted! However, avoid monopolizing the conversation and making it all about you. How will you get to know someone if you’re rattling on about yourself all night?! Make the conversation reciprocal. Ask questions; show your interest in getting to know him/her. 

6) Be yourself!

Don’t change who you are to suit who you think your new love interest wants you to be. When we change who we are, we attract people we aren’t supposed to attract. The relationship is essentially over before it even begins. To be fair to yourself and to your potential love match, always be 100 percent authentic in portraying values, goals, and behavioral habits. 

7) No One Likes a Debbie (or Derek) Downer

Complaining about your lack of luck in your local dating scene is a turnoff for just about every potential match. Keep in mind that dating isn’t an easy feat for anyone, regardless of location. With an optimistic attitude, you’re sure to attract positive, good-natured matches that want to bask in your radiance and also to add to it.

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