8 Strangest Dating Websites You Won't Believe Exist


Dating is hard. Dating when you know exactly what you want is even harder. Luckily for choosey love seekers, highly specific dating websites have begun popping up catering to extremely limited demographics. Here are eight of the most bizarre.

1. Purrsonals.com

Is it time to banish the stereotype of the crazy cat lady spinster? Purrhaps! Purrsonals.com is the dating site “where cat lovers greet and meet,” making it just a little bit easier for single cat people to find love at last. Let's hope cat lovers can find time to stop petting their cats and log on.


photo by Kevin Dooley

2. HotSaucePassions.com

One of the biggest joys of dating is having an excuse to go out to eat. Who wants to date someone whose spice aversion limits possible restaurant choices? Thank heavens HotSaucePassions.com is there for the tortured singles who are sick of the daily struggles of dating someone who constantly refuses to eat Thai or Mexican food. Hopefully the site can create love connections as spicy as the food their users will eat together.

3. ClownDating.com

We can’t imagine it’s easy to find love when you spend your days dressed in clown gear. It’s hard to find someone who truly connects with clown living and knows what being a clown is all about…unless, of course, you meet a fellow clown.

happy clown

photo by David Carter-Tod

4. TallFriends.com

Talls don’t have it easy in the dating department. Towering feet above the normal-sized population, sometimes they can’t even see the potential love matches down below. People who are looking to connect with other tall individuals, or perhaps who hope of breeding a future NBA player, can check out TallFriends.com.

5. Vampersonals.com

With more and more people spending time indoors on their computer than out hanging at, say, the mall, young goths and vampires need a place beyond Hot Topic to find eternal love. Forget dreams! Vampersonals.com caters to those who are looking for the person of their nightmares.

6. BikerKiss.com

It’s tough finding love when you spend your days riding on the open road. Sometimes bikers will spot a potential love match, and before they know it, they’ve whizzed by on their bike and sped out of their life forever. That’s where BikerKiss.com comes in, offering a place where biker singles can log in after they’ve parked their bikes for the night, and meet someone who gets their motor running.


photo by Boudewijn Berends

7. DiaperMates.com

This site is sort of misleading, since one might wrongfully assume it’s a dating site for people suffering incontinence. Au contraire, this site is for “Adult Babies” who wear diapers by choice. Oh, okay then.

8. FarmersOnly.com

Kenny Chesney may have tried to convince us that, “She thinks my tractor’s sexy”; but in non-celeb land, love doesn’t always come so easily to farm folk. Enter FarmersOnly.com, where lonely farmers can find a partner to ride off into the prairie sunset on their plow. 

farmer's field

photo by Uberto

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