9 Old Dating Habits That Need to Come Back Again


The act of dating has undergone quite a transformation the last several years--and not a great one. Lovers of past decades had it figured out. Here are nine things they did in their love lives that we need to bring back. 

1. Not Getting on Your Cell Phone. Ever. 

Email, Facebook, texting--it can all wait. You don't need to post a photo of your steak dinner to Instagram, even if it IS the most beautiful piece of #cow you've ever laid eyes on. You know what your date will really appreciate, particularly in this day and age? If you keep your phone put away for the entire night. You didn't get together so that you could ignore each other completely while you Snapchat with your friends. 

iPhone Date

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2. Knowing the Difference Between "Hanging Out" and "Dating"

It appears as though people have found yet another loophole to monogamy, to courting, to having to put their feelings on the line and become vulnerable; and we've named it, "Oh, we're just hanging out." Lies. All lies! It's okay: You can call it "dating." If you're avoiding using the D word because you don't want to be committed to one person, you should tell him/her that up front. If you're avoiding using it because you're scared, well...stop? The precursor to relationships is dating. Know what your intentions are, and make sure the other person knows too. If you'd like to get to know someone better because you're interested in them romantically, try:

"Are you available Friday night?"


"Can I take you out to dinner this weekend?" 

3. Surprising Her on the First Date with a Special Gift

Women love gifts; and if you show up on the first date with a token of your affection, you up your chances for getting a second date. Flowers are beautiful, and no girl is going to go home thinking, "He gave me roses. I'm never calling him again." But if you're looking to be a little more unique, give her something that's personal to her. Did she once mention that she enjoys writing? She'll absolutely love if you bring her a cute little notebook to carry around. Maybe she likes a certain band: Burn her a CD with some of their best hits.

Getting creative will always get you bonus points!

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler

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4. Forgetting the "Bases"

You know what we're talking about: First base. Second base. Third base. Hoooooooome run! Put those out of your mind. Assuming that certain things are going to happen at certain times is rude, presumptuous, and downright tacky. Don't take a girl out on a real first date expecting you'll get a kiss at the end of the night. Don't take her out on a third or fourth date expecting, *ahem*, something else. Wait until it feels right and you're both ready. People appreciate time to get comfortable.

5. Respecting Your Own Looks--They Matter!

If you show up to a date looking like something that was snaked from a drain, the other person won't forget it--trust us. We're not saying you need to arrive in a suit and tie or a ballgown. Make sure your clothes are clean and fresh-looking, comb/style your hair, and look generally put together. It's not superficial; it's self-respect. And your date will know that if you respect yourself, you'll know how to respect them, as well.

6. Picking Someone Up and--Gasp!--Walking to Their Front Door

Sometimes, meeting up with someone in your own car is most convenient due to time and/or locations; sometimes it's a safety issue. You want your own car because you're not comfortable with someone yet. Totally understandable. If neither of these things are a factor, though, you'd be shocked at how far picking up your lady will go. Driving to her house like a gentleman and then arriving at her front door is way more memorable than that text she's undoubtedly gotten from other guys: "Here."

7. Tossing the 3-Day Rule Out the Window

You've heard it before: After taking a girl out, you're supposed to wait three days to contact her so that you don't seem desperate.

Do people really do this?!

Gentlemen, wait three days and she'll have already decided she doesn't like you anymore because you took three darn days to say hello. A casual follow-up text or phone call the day after your date is totally appropriate. Even if you don't want to engage in a marathon conversation, a simple, "Hey! Thanks for a great night. Hope you're having a wonderful day!" will suffice. 

8. Taking Her Someplace Romantic

We know you're scared of being too serious; but there's something to be said for dimly lit lounges, soft music, and floors that your feet don't stick to. You need to get to know each other, right? Going someplace where you have to scream over the speakers isn't really ideal. 


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9. Planning Your Dates Ahead...And Giving Her Options

Many girls have a weapon that'll make any man roll his eyes. It's called, "I don't care. Whatever you feel like doing." Try it. Ask them where they want to eat and watch what happens.

You have a better shot of avoiding this if you instead come to her with three options and ask her to pick her favorite. Go the extra mile and tell her their hours, where they're located, and what kind of food they serve. Added bonus? She'll be super impressed that you put all this effort into planning ahead for her. 

The art of dating definitely isn't dead, folks. Take the time to do it the right way, and you'll land yourself a keeper. If you're having trouble getting started, let us help. InterActions has been helping Las Vegas singles find love for years. Contact us today at (702) 262-9600

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