Are Vegas Men Really More Promiscuous?


One unscientific study finds Las Vegas men to be more promiscuous than men in most other American cities.  This might make sense, given the city’s reputation as "Sin City", but are Vegas men really more promiscuous? The study in question was conducted by the dating website, a site that specializes in pairing wealthy "Sugar Daddies" with attractive women. The company asked 5,000 of its guy users about their sexual habits and discovered a particularly high concentration of “promiscuous” men in Las Vegas.

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Does this mean singles in Las Vegas should just throw in the towel? Not necessarily; this isn’t exactly a scientific survey, and the group is self-selecting, so maybe it’s that there are just more self-described “wealthy” sugar-daddy types concentrated in Vegas who are desperate enough to sign up for a “sugar daddy” website.  Really, guys, if you’ve got that much cash and know how to treat a lady, do you really need to promise to be somebody’s sugar daddy in order to get a woman’s attention?  Does anybody else see the problem with that picture?

It might work for some people, but not for everybody.  Anyway, it’s fair to say that Vegas men are typically more promiscuous than in other cities, given the cultural climate of permissiveness, but as for proof, this single, self-selecting survey doesn’t prove it beyond a doubt.  Who knows, maybe guys in Fargo, North Dakota are absolute hounds but nobody talks about it.

What do you think? Are men in Las Vegas really more promiscuous? Post a comment and share your thoughts.

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