Beginning to Date After the Passing of a Spouse: Stages


When a person's spouse dies, many people have difficulty with starting dating again. It is normal for widows to go through several different stages in their dating relationships, especially if the marriage was one that was meaningful or long. If you are thinking about re-entering the dating scene post-loss, you might expect to go through these stages as you begin to date again.


The first stage is one you are likely going through now, and that is curiosity about dating and singles in Las Vegas. You might be doing things like browsing dating sites and reading dating articles while simultaneously believing you will never be able to date again. This stops when you decide to go on a date. 

Wanting more out of a relationship

You can next expect to start wanting more than just sex out of a relationship. It is normal to start realizing that the people you've dated are not the same as your former spouse and to feel guilty about trying to find a person just like your lost partner. You may decide to spend some time, or you might continue to date while seeking more meaningful relationships than those you previously experienced.

Coming to terms and putting away mementos

When you finally reach this stage, you are ready to start that meaningful relationship with another person. This stage involves putting away mementos such as photos and making your home generally something to be more enjoyable for two people. It is at this point that you are emotionally ready to start dating again after the death of your spouse.

Dating again after your spouse has passed away can be difficult. Understand that it is normal to go through all of these stages, and you will eventually find that person you love again. Your new partner may not be the same as your beloved spouse, but the joys of learning to trust and loving a new person make it worth delving in again.

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