Dating Tip: Confidence Is Not the Same as Conceit


Women and men both find quality in someone that has a great deal of confidence. Unfortunately, too much of this can lead to a conceited nature if not kept in check. Before you head out on your first date, is your personality going to be a blessing or bane to the experience? After all, you only have one chance to make a first impression with others in Las Vegas.

What Constitutes Confidence While On Your Date?

When looking for a mate in Las Vegas, finding someone that has aspirations and goals is an attractive attribute. Someone that is flaky or not committed to any one certain thing doesn't have the most success when looking for a date. Women find career-minded and hardworking mates to be attractive, especially if they can go about it without obviously making themselves look good by mentioning it every few seconds.

Jealousy can be very bad whether you're dating in Las Vegas or have 10-years of marriage under your belt. It shows that you don't have faith in your mate to be faithful regardless of the actions of someone else. When you're first dating someone and express jealousy over co-workers, ex-lovers or even actors on TV, you can sink the relationship.

Express Yourself without Fishing for a Compliment

Seeking approval is one of the more detrimental actions during your first date. Conceited people will constantly try to fish for compliments by listing their accomplishments as if reading a personal resume. Those that are confident have faith within that they do not need approval and are simply looking to spend time with someone without getting the proverbial "pat-on-the-back" for past experiences.

Separating the Confidence and Conceit Can Be Difficult at Times

Confidence is a state of mind that people gravitate towards. When you have an amazing charisma, people just want to be near you. However, conceit can be disguised as confidence and usually doesn't help when looking for a date. It's not your past actions that will win over a prospective mate, but what you do with your life in the here-and-now that will impact him or her the most.

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