Dating in Las Vegas: What Questions Should You Ask on a First Date?


Relationships have never been easy; but who doesn't already know this about the dating scene -- especially here in Las Vegas?

It's not a matter of quantity over quality when meeting individuals; it's a matter of knowing what you want in another individual and identifying these characteristics through simple questions.

Healthy Relationship

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So what questions do you ask to better get to know if your date is on par with your standards? Here are several to consider that will help you understand your potential partner better:

  1. What do you find most humorous?
  2. Growing up, what was family life like?
  3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  4. How do you most enjoy spending a Saturday?
  5. What is the number one goal in your life at this moment?
  6. Do you know what your calling is in life?

Consider these questions carefully, as they are not just light-hearted banter. The responses you hear may hold the key to finding the one person that truly fits with you. The key, however, is to slowly get to know someone and actually listen to what they are saying. Don't delve into too deep of an interview-inspired questionnaire; but don't play coy and let your date do all the asking either. Enjoy the conversation, but hold to heart what it is you hear.

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