Dating in 2013: 4 New Rules for Men


Alright, gentlemen. It's 2013, and the rules of dating in this tech-savvy society have officially been thrown out of the window. Whether you're newly single or have been on the market with no success for some time, there are definitely a few rules to follow that'll help you meet that special gal.

Finding Romance

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1. Stop staring, already!

If you're at a bar or in a public venue where it's okay to approach a woman, don't stare at her until the creepy vibes exude. Introduce yourself! It's great to show interest.

2. If the intro goes well...

Amp up that first date and make a lasting impression. Girls talk. She'll want a good story to tell her friends about your first outing together.

3. Don't come on too strong with the drinks

Today, many women equate a man offering to buy her drink after the first introduction as him wanting more than just a conversation -- and oftentimes, that IS what men are trying to do. Let her grab her own drink to start.  Offer to buy her a beverage later on, after the conversation has gotten somewhere. If used incorrectly, "Can I buy you a drink?" just sounds like another line.

4. No More Waiting

If you get her number, don't play the "I'll call in a few days" routine. We all have a cell phone. If you wait too long, it'll appear you're uninterested. Keep riding the "I like you" wave.


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