Find Your Match! Your Ideal Partner Might Not Be Who You Think…


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The word “ideal” is interesting. It contains the word “idea” as in, your idea of what someone or something should be like. However, a recent study found that "ideal" in the abstract and "ideal" in real life are two completely different things. Here's what we can take away from the study:


What you like or don’t like in a partner (i.e. job, education, looks) was found to predict your dating choices when making decisions about who you’d like to meet online. However, in real-life interactions, these ideas were not taken into consideration. It would be safe to say that we can call this chemistry.

Don't Settle for Less

The first point isn’t to say that you should disregard your conscious ideas about an ideal partner. The study found that people are happier when they find a partner who matches their ideal. So even if you’ve got great chemistry with that accountant (when you really want to be with an artist), you might want to think twice about going long-term.

The Halo

The study also discovered that people are more likely to think of new partners in a very positive light – a kind of “halo” effect where the new love-interest can do no wrong. Between this and chemistry, this seems to explain how people end up with someone they never imagined being with. Perhaps it also explains how some relationships happen that make us go, "what was I thinking?!" in hindsight.

So while we don’t encourage you to deny chemistry or try and control love (which we know is pretty uncontrollable if it’s love at all), you should try to find a mate with your ideal in consideration. Just try and balance intuition with reason! For more information about matchmaking, or to find upscale singles in Las Vegas, contact InterActions today at (702) 262-9600.

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