How to Survive Being Single on New Year's Eve


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Singles in Las Vegas can tell you first hand - it's not easy being single in the middle of a party atmosphere. However, that doesn't have to mean that New Year's Eve will be a bummer. Here are some strategies to survive the New Year while flying solo.

Don’t Go Out

If you're the type that usually only goes out because the group you're with wants to, try staying in for a change. Forget it’s almost a new year and that life is slipping away one minute at a time. Do your shopping on the 30th and, on the 31st, don’t open your door for anyone. Turn off your phone, unplug the Internet, and watch movies. Tomorrow everything will be exactly as it was the day before, and you’ll be proud to have kept your single dignity.

Go Out! Way Out!

Maybe you’re not the staying-in type. In this case let everybody know you are 1. single 2. looking to go out on New Year’s and 3. expect them to help you meet somebody that night to kiss at midnight. This could lead to all kinds of adventures. Just make sure you have a designated driver, and you’ve written a will.

Stay in & Host

Nothing cures loneliness like a party in your own pad! Like a spider laying its web, you too might be able to trap someone who will have to kiss you because it’s your place. What are they going to do, say no? You’re the host! So raise a glass to your beautiful self (and the New Year) and go get it… er… let them come and get it.


Stay up the night of the 30th and, at 3PM on the 31st, go to sleep until 3AM the following morning. Voila! It’s a new year, and you’ve survived.

Papmper Yourself

Go and get your nails done, get a spa treatment, or treat yourself to a full body massage. This is a great opportunity to splurge and give yourself the luxury treatment before you start off the new year.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to stay safe as you bid farewell to 2012 and ring in the New Year.

Photo by: MapleMama

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