Inexpensive Dating Ideas for New Couples


Singles in Las Vegas might not be searching for prospective partners who are flashy and want to spend money. In many cases, singles are simply looking for companionship, and for love interests who finds creative ways to show they are invested in a long-term commitment. There are plenty of ways you can plan a successful first date, regardless of your budget.

Plan to Stay in, Rather Than Going Out

It can be just as fun to spend the night in rather than planning on going out. Rent a romantic movie and order Chinese food, or even better, plan a cooking activity with your date. You can hire a professional cook to show you the ropes, and your date will be incredibly impressed by your culinary skills. Go the extra mile with the menu and serve a delicious appetizer with a cocktail before the main meal, then ask your date to help you create dessert. Your attention to detail will be noticed, and your date will feel special that you took the time to host an extra-special event. Another great idea is to play board games instead of watching a movie because it will give you the opportunity to connect with your date at a personal level.

Plan a Unique Date Outdoors

Instead of taking your date to dinner and a movie, go to a flea market or farmer's market. It's a great way to get some sunshine and have plenty of time to have a conversation and really get to know your love interest better. You can even plan a picnic by the lake after you have purchased goodies from the farmer's market.

Be Open to New Ideas

When it comes to dating, there are plenty of ways you can tap into your creative streak but remember to take your partner's interests into account as well. Learn to be flexible and be open to new ideas; it is important to make your date feel that his or her opinions are valued as well.

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