Making Date Night Exciting For Guys


Have you entered a new relationship and are trying to think of creative date ideas? When men think of “date night,” they usually have the standard dinner and a movie plan in mind. This isn’t typically the best dating option, since the movie won’t allow you to converse. 

Maybe you’ve been in a long-term relationship for a while and are struggling to think of something to do other than the three or four places you ususally go. Guys interested in dating in Las Vegas love a chance to eat a meal with a lady, as well as a chance to talk, cuddle and walk together. Try some of these unique date ideas to get your guy excited for your next date night.


Most men love sports. Why not watch a game or practice a sport together for fun? Getting tickets to your guy’s favorite sports team will be a great way to bring up his mood and allow him to be himself. If you prefer to be active, try going to the park to play ultimate Frisbee or to toss the ball around. These types of activities will get a guy to feel relaxed and have fun with you.

Be Active

Along with sports, why not attend an active event together? Active dates include:

  • A Color Run
  • Zombie Run
  • Amazing Race-themed scavenger hunt
  • ElectroDash
  • Local obstacle course

Try running together or participating in some outdoor scavenger hunts to do something memorable, active and unique with your man.


Instead of going out to dinner, why not try cooking at home? You could cook his favorite dish or hire a cook for the night to make something for you both. Play a board game, watch a movie or just enjoy a glass of wine and talk after dinner.


While they may have evolved and grown since being a child, guys still love water activities. Taking your guy to a pool, beach or lake is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your mate. Even a hot tub would make a great place to converse. Water activities are a great way to enjoy each other's company more naturally, as there is no need for makeup or the perfect outfit in the water. Try a pool party, a kayaking trip or a snorkeling class for something unique. 

Outdoors at Night

A romantic date idea that men will love is taking a trip outside at night. Go camping under the stars for a truly romantic night, or simply take an extended stoll through a park once the sun sets. These are great opportunities for good conversation and cuddling.

While guys are typically easy to please when choosing a date, try one of these unique date nights to bring out the best side of your guy.

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