The Advantages & Disadvantages of Speed Dating


Speed dating has become a trend for those looking to go out with other unmarried people, allowing singles to meet other singles in a fast-paced and pain free way. It’s a matchmaking technique that focuses on meeting many singles in a short amount of time.

This style of dating features face-to-face conversations lasting under ten minutes, offering the chance to see if there is a connection in a short period of time. A few days after the event, you’ll find out if any other participants marked you as a match and will have the opportunity to contact them again.

Singles in Las Vegas simply have to register and be placed at a table to begin the speed dating process. Dates shift tables every time the bell rings, allowing you to meet all the singles at the event. Speed dating is an unusual way to meet potential mates, but it also has its perks. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of speed dating.

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Speed dating events can work really well if you have less dates going on. When there are under ten dates, you have more of an opportunity to get to know these people and establish a connection. It can be overwhelming when there are too many dates and by the end of the night, it can be hard to remember who said what.

With an event that limits capacity, you’ll find yourself leaving with a better sense of who you connected with. Some events will have more men than women in attendance. It’s hard to know prior to the event who really signed up and whether or not there will be an equal amount of men and women. Be sure to contact the venue a couple hours beforehand to get a handle on the expected turnout for the event.


As there may be an uneven number of guys to girls, some places may force you to double up on dates. This means that there may be two guys talking to one girl on a “mini-date.” Typically, women are at the tables that don’t rotate while men move around to each of the women there.

You will likely establish matches by filling out a form saying if you were interested in someone or not. You also have to state if you’re interested in a romantic relationship, simply a friendship or maybe even a business relationship. If a guy selects a woman that wasn’t interested in him, that woman is still going to have the option of contacting him. The idea is that the woman might open up to the possibility of contacting someone that has in interest in them.

While speed dating can have an unequal amount of men and women and may be overwhelming if there are too many dates in one night, it can be a great way to meet many people for those with a busy schedule.

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