The Single Life Could be More Dangerous than You Realize


Did you know that single men and women have a higher risk of heart attack? After a certain age, if you're an unmarried man or woman, you have a larger risk of dying from a heart attack than your married counter part.

This is according to a new study done in Finland from 1993 to 2002. When the FINAMI myocardial infarction register was looked at, along with the nonfatal and fatal cardiac events, those in charge of the study found over 15,000 cardiac events over the decade of the study. More than 50% of those having a cardiac event died within 28 days.

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This study looked at both men and women equally and a large population of those 35 years of age and older. Cardiac events were about 58% higher among unmarried men compared to married man and more than 60% higher in unmarried women compared to married women. Unmarried men and women were also more likely to pass away within 28 days, as well.

Why do singles have a higher risk of heart attack?

There are many factors that could be used to explain why single men and women have a higher risk of death from a heart attack. Some of the most common reasons given by researchers include:

  • Married couples may have better health habits - This may include eating better and exercising more.
  • Married couples may be more financially stable - Finances can cause a large amount of stress, which can lead to physical health issues.
  • Faster medical intervention - When living with a spouse, it's possible to get medical help faster compared to living alone.
  • More likely to take prescribed preventative medicines

This new study was published in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology and also stated that unhappy marriages can lead to heart problems for both men and women, but more commonly with women. This was one of the first studies to look closer at women and not just focus on men. The results of the study are about the same for both and living alone was shown to put a person at a larger risk for heart-related death and cardiovascular complications.

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