What Not to Do on the First Date


There is no shortage of advice on how to act on the first date. However, few people ever tell you what not to do. Certain behaviors may seem innocuous, but can make you look like a total fool in front of your perspective date. Here’s what to avoid.

Expecting the Other Person to Pay

On a first date, it's traditional that the man will pay for the date. However, with today's equal-pay laws, some women will insist on it. It's an etiquette minefield. The best option is to offer to pay for the date; if they argue against you and are insistent of paying for part, let them. You have nothing to lose.

Interrogating the Person

Asking questions is fine. That's part of dating. However, if the person feels like they're being interrogated after committing a crime; it can hurt your chances of being with them. When in doubt, remember FORD -- friends, occupation, recreation, dreams.

Dinner and a Movie

Dinner and a movie is the traditional American date -- and it's completely tired. On dinners, you sit across from one another and chat. There's no chance to touch the other person, conversation can be limited, and it makes things awkward. During a movie, you don't even get the chance to speak. Save that date for later. Go to a coffee shop or something for the first dat


Perhaps you have the most pessimistic personality known to man. On a first date, keep a lid on it. If you don't, you can almost guarantee there won't be a second date.

Dating in today's world can be tough. Finding singles in Las Vegas can be even harder. However, when you do meet that right person, make sure you get a second date. Don't blow it on the first.

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